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MaxFusion Mobile
MaxFusion Mobile
MaxFusion Mobile
MaxFusion Mobile

MaxFusion Mobile™

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MaxFusion Mobile is our completely portable Charitable Gaming System. Utilizing a 5.4GHz wireless network and best-in-class portable computer equipment, the MaxFusion Mobile product line is unmatched in today's Charitable Gaming market. We start with our MaxFusion Server-based Gaming System and add either our LD8 Tablet or our 23" All-In-One Desktop PC. Both devices provide world-class graphics and animations as well as complete mobility in your establishment.

  • Completely Mobile Gaming System
  • Available with Tablets OR Desktop PCs
  • Wireless networking only, no cables!
  • No paper Pull Tab tickets required!
  • Access to the entire MaxFusion Pull Tab Library!
  • Works great with the MaxFusion Kiosk

The MaxFusion Mobile Charitable Gaming System has the following security features:

  • 5.4 GHz Wireless networking
  • Secure and encrypted data transmissions
  • Gaming units are cashless