MaxFusion Cloud

MaxFusion Cloud

MaxFusion Cloud™

MaxFusion Cloud is a revolutionary new cloud-based reporting system for the MaxFusion Charitable Gaming System. Data is collected in real time at your location on our MaxFusion Server and is sent securely over the internet to our centrally located Cloud Server System. Data is warehoused indefinitely and available to you 24/7 on either your computer or smart phone. MaxFusion Cloud is a sophisticated multitenant cloud-based reporting system. A custom, highly flexible, role based permission model ensures users only have access to the data they need to see and nothing more.

MaxFusion Cloud reporting system is state-of-the-art. Reports are delivered quickly to either your phone or your computer. We include many useful reports in the system but can also develop custom reports to suite your needs.

MaxFusion Cloud was architected and built with security in mind from day one, as opposed to application security being patched in as an afterthought. Sensitive data is protected using strong encryption – both in transit over the wire, and in the database. Access to the application’s APIs requires a two-way handshake for authentication, and a one time usage security token is transferred which expires seconds after it is created in order to protected against hijacking and message replay.