MaxFusion Slant Top

Slant Top
Slant Top
Slant Top

MaxFusion Slant Top™

The MaxFusion Slant Top is our latest compact Charitable Gaming cabinet. Industry leading hardware combined with unmatched reliability make for a truly unique gaming experience. The cabinet stands just 47" tall but packs a big punch in the good looks department. The MaxFusion Slant Top is surrounded by multicolor LED lighting to make it hard to miss from across the room, or even the parking lot! The single 23" LCD panel has incredible graphics and even integrates the popular game advertising features of our other two-display cabinets, for maximum impact. The Slant Top is a robust and modern cabinet design built with performance, reliability and durability in mind.

  • Height: 47"
  • Width: 28"
  • Depth: 33"
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Monitors: 1 - 23" LCD Monitor
  • Printers: 2 - Ticket Printers (Optional for On-Demand)
  • Voucher Printers: 1 - Voucher Printer
  • Bill Acceptor: 1 - Bill Acceptor
  • Player Buttons: 3 Player buttons

The MaxFusion Slant Top has the following security features:

  • Main Door Lock and Sensor
  • Interior Bill Door Lock and Sensor
  • Cash Box Lock Option
  • Belly Door Lock and Sensor
  • CPU Lock and Sensor

The MaxFusion Slant Top has the following Reports:

  • Print/View: Cash Box
  • Print: Printer Test
  • View: Play Log
  • View: Security
  • View: Device Meters
  • View: Application Log